2016-01-10: Autopark ‘Summon’ feature (v7.1)

20150212_133559 (Large)I tried out the newly released Autopark ‘Summon’ feature (v7.1) – the car self-drives and autoparks itself into the garage. I had Saara parked beside my SUV in the garage with the garage closed, enabled the ‘auto open/close garage door’ feature in my Model S. Once I activated the auto-park feature, Saara, automatically opened the garage, self-drove and parked itself on the driveway and closed the garage. And I also did test the other way – Had the car parked on my driveway with the garage closed, it opened it, self-drove itself into the garage before it closed down the garage. CLICK this 3 min demo VIDEO of the ‘Summon’ feature – Tesla Model S Summon Feature Demo Video

The car very carefully and safely drives out of and into the garage while maintaining a safe distance around it. Fully automated cars are a long way to go and Tesla made a huge leap into that arena and kudos to that!  Tesla still calls this version as a Beta version of the Autopark, but still is very impressive. The instructions manual suggests to use Summon only on flat driveways. Mine was a flat driveway with a little raised floor right at the garage’s entrance, but the car manages to pull itself into it with minor adjustments. I also did try the ‘Summon’ at one of my friend’s place who has a sloped driveway – the car did fine going down the slope but it refused to move upslope. Overall, watching a 4700lbs beast or beauty, whatever you want to call it, move into your garage by itself amazes me (maybe it creeps out others in someway) !!!

So far, Tesla has continued to amuse and amaze me with its frequent software/firmware updates…hopefully it goes on!


3 thoughts on “2016-01-10: Autopark ‘Summon’ feature (v7.1)”

    1. The car is equipped with a few high end hardware components like a front radar system, a front image recognition camera, 12 ultrasonic sensors surrounding it which can detect any object within 16ft and 360 deg around the car. Using these hardware, the car’s software makes the decisions on what to do and what not to do 🙂


  1. Regd the decision on when to park, if a parking spot is too narrow, for ex if we passengers cannot get out, then driver and passengers can get out and with a push of a cpl of buttons on the key fob, i can make the car go park by itself. Also say if u have a narrow home garage where u have 2 cars parked side by side, and the family wants to get in the car, and especially with kids, u dont want to ding the car’s door on the other car, u can make the car pullout of garage by itself onto the driveway and the family can get into it!


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