2015-06-27: 58 Miles (one-way) 2 Day Trip (Austin/Bastrop State Park)

This trip is the shortest trip so far out of Austin: 58 miles. We decided to go on a one night camping trip to Bastrop State Park. The plan was to leave Sat morning, reach the State park in an hour, do some hiking, cooking, playing, camp fire, etc., spend the night there, before heading back home the following day. I decided to charge Saara’s to 100% before heading out and was pretty sure that she can survive the whole trip without any intermediate charging anywhere, but to be safer, I still looked for any nearby charging sites. I found a NEMA 14-50 charging outlet in a nearby KOA site in Bastrop but nothing showed up inside the State park. So, worst case scenario, I decided to drive out of the park and charge it at the KOA site, if necessary. EVTripPlanner.com estimated my one way usage to be 17.8kWh which was 20% of the 85kWh battery capacity.

EVTripPlanner Prediction

734E, 290E, 95S, 21E

Saara was fully loaded in the trunk and the frunk with all camping stuff – tent, cot, lantern, sleeping bags, fans, torches, etc.

2015 Bastrop State Park (2) (Large) 2015 Bastrop State Park (4) (Large)

We left Austin at 7am with 100% charge/304 ideal/262 rated miles on battery.


On the way, we made a halt at a friend’s place for sometime and reached the park in an hour with 76% charge/231 ideal miles/200 rated miles on battery. The car’s online initial trip prediction was 78%, so we ended up with an additional 2% difference which is fine. I took some cool pictures at the fighter plan display in front of the park.

2015 Bastrop State Park (9) (Large)

When we checked into the camp sites, I noticed that each site had 3 electrical outlets: 2 regular NEMA 5-15 and 1 NEMA TT-30. 20150628_072113 (Large)     20150628_072133 (Large)

I was under the impression that most of the RV camp sites would have NEMA 14-50 outlet in addition to NEMA 5-15 outlets, if any, but not so, after some research (during the trip), found out that many parks do have this NEMA TT-30 outlet which can be used with a NEMA TT-30 to NEMA 14-50 adapter like the ones shown below (sold at https://www.evseadapters.com/tesla). You may have seen similar adapters sold elsewhere, but although they look the same, they are wired very differently inside. Those adapters are wired for RV use and will not work with the Tesla, but the ones sold at the above site (there may be other places where they sell this type but I am unaware of at this time) is specifically wired for Tesla and will not work with RVs.


Since I did not have the adapter, my only option was to charge with the regular NEMA 5-15 outlet.

Due to the memorial weekend rains (a few weeks ago), all hiking trails were closed, so we had to just spend the whole day at the camp site playing, cooking, etc.

2015 Bastrop State Park (32) (Large)  2015 Bastrop State Park (48) (Large)

2015 Bastrop State Park (118) (Large)  2015 Bastrop State Park (120) (Large)

One of the good things about owning an EV like Model S is that it is big enough to fit in a 40″x75″x8″ air mattress behind the front seats and I tried it for sometime and it was great. One can spend the night in a closed car with the AC/Heater ON, with no fear of CO poisoning.

2015 Bastrop State Park (73) (Large)   2015 Bastrop State Park (72) (Large)

On some other future trip when I travel alone, I will be using that feature for the whole night for sure and will see how the experience is, but not this time. Before retiring for the night, I did plug-in Saara and was able to add 10% juice to the battery overnight at 5mph idea and 4 mph rated.

Bastrop State Park Ideal Charging   2015 Bastrop State Park (17) (Large)   Bastrop State Park Rated Charging

Sunday morning, I left for a quick drive to get some pictures of the park while everybody was asleep 🙂

2015 Bastrop State Park (100) (Large)   2015 Bastrop State Park (94) (Large)

2015 Bastrop State Park (61) (Large)   2015 Bastrop State Park (87) (Large)

Later after lunch, we headed back home with 72% charge/218 ideal/189 rated miles on battery. We reached home with 38% charge/115 ideal/99 rated miles on battery.

After I came back from my trip, I added information about the charging option within the Bastrop State Park, so that it would be useful for future EV travellers.

Plugshare Bastrop State Park



Total miles driven: 148.8
Total energy consumed (kWh): 51.2
Average energy consumed: 344Wh/mi
Total amount paid during trip for charging: $0.00

Have a good knowledge about the various electrical outlet types and adapters available for Tesla as it will be helpful during trips.


One thought on “2015-06-27: 58 Miles (one-way) 2 Day Trip (Austin/Bastrop State Park)”

  1. Thank you for the good info on what plugs you found at Bastrop. I have passed by many times in my Model S and didn’t know there was a cool plane display there!
    I have noted the TT-30 outlets at other RV parks. I now plan to pick up one of the adapters from EVSEadapters, if it comes back in stock, or build one carefully if it doesn’t.

    -And thanks also for posting on Plugshare. This will help many EV drivers who’ll be planning their own outings.


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